Stair Stringer Design Calculator Spreadsheet For Microsoft Excel, version 97 or later
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The product for sale is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The user enters measurements of the lumber and the area the staircase will be installed in, and the program calculates the stair stringers. The program is a complete solution requiring a user of moderate building and construction competence. The program does not address attachment of the stringers to the structure, as all work-sites are different. The program runs in Microsoft Excel 97 or newer. The Mac version of Microsoft Office (Excel) also runs the program. The program does not run in Excel 95. The program does not run in most other spreadsheet programs such as Quattro or Lotus. The program does not run on PDA spreadsheet applications. The only non-Excel spreadsheet that it runs in is Open Office (, although it does not run perfectly, it is usable. In Open Office the diagrams are limited, and the fractions show up as decimals.

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-Credit Card Data and Financial Information does not handle any customer financial data. All customer financial data (e.g. credit card number, etc.) is handled by external service providers (2CheckOut and Paypal). They accept and process all the personal and financial information. We never see any financial information of the customer.

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We do receive some personal information, such as name, physical address, phone number (if supplied by customer), and email address. This information is used only to ensure product delivery. We may use the phone number if the email bounces, for example.

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In the future, we may send email to the customer regarding program updates, or new products, but have never yet done so. We do not share, rent, or sell any customer information to 3rd parties.


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Return Policy

Customers have 30 days from the date of the sale to request a full refund (no re-stocking or other fees are charged). Refunds are issued within 5 business days (usually less). Customer must delete all copies of the program and agree to re-purchase the program if use of the program is desired in the future. Refund requests should be directed to A reason for the refund is requested, in order to assist in improvement of the product, but not necessary.

User License Agreement

Purchase of a license allows you to run the Stair Stringer Calculator on any computer owned and used solely by you, up to a limit of 5 computers. You may not share the program with others. You are prohibited from reverse engineering or de-compiling the program, and you may not re-sell the program or incorporate the program into any package or bundle of applications. You are allowed to run the program on someone else's computer for field work (i.e. you are 'in the field' building stairs, and the person at the computer is using the program over the phone for you.) Your license allows use for an unlimited time, and an unlimited number of uses. You are responsible for backing up the software (e.g. to floppy, flash drive, or CD). Downloads and lost software may replaced for up to 30 days.


If you have already reviewed the instructions in the spreadsheet, and can't find your answer, questions may be sent to Expect replies within 24 hours (usually sooner). Provide as much information as you can.

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